Our Story

VestigeWear is our faith-based company, founded in 2013, specializing in vintage clothing and creating unique hair accessories handmade from repurposed fabrics.

Abby started writing a Christian blog in 2018 (www.faithbydummy.com) and, by 2019, it was clear that God was leading us to re-focus our business plan toward offering originally designed clothing and accessories that speak to - and for - Believers.

We think that tees make great gospel conversation starters, so we started the gconvo line of products.  Our shirts are not fancy, but we think they make a clear statement, just right for connecting with other Believers and for talking up Jesus with everybody that asks what your shirt is all about.

Jesus asked the blind man he healed if he knew the Son of Man, and the man replied, “Tell me so that I may believe in him” (John 9:36).  We have people to tell.  Let’s get busy.

 mercy shirt

All shirts are designed by Abby.

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